Nico Secunda is the Executive Manager at the Dance of the Deer Foundation in Santa Cruz, California.  He oversees all aspects of the business and accompanies his father, Brant Secunda, to conferences, seminars, retreats and lectures around the world.  Nico is also the Vice President of SHAMAN Organic Chocolates, a project of the Dance of the Deer Foundation, which uses it profits to support the Huichol Indians of Mexico.  As the managing director of Fit Soul Fit Body, Nico has helped shape the company and expand awareness for the brand globally.

Currently, Nico is also a student at the University of California Santa Cruz and is a member of the Provost’s Council.  On top of this, he has also been working to create the Huichol Foundation, a new non-profit organization aimed at maintaining the cultural and economic survival of the Huichol people and culture.


Photography is one of Nico’s primary hobbies. His images are used for many promotional materials for the companies he is involved with. Browse his online gallery by clicking the link below.

Web Portfolio

Website Projects

These are all websites Nico has helped create.

College Eight
Nico was brought in to assist College Eight at the University of California Santa Cruz in creating a new website and overall brand. This rebranding was aimed at communicating the college's core values and vision for green entrepreneurship.
Dance of the Deer Foundation
The new DanceoftheDeer.com is built from the ground up using Adobe's robust Coldfusion application structure. The site utilizes modern web standards and is integrated with the Foundation's ERP database (which Nico also helped create).
Fit Soul Fit Body
From it's inception, Nico has been one of the architects of the Fit Soul Fit Body brand. The website was launched in tandem with the release of the best selling book by Brant Secunda and Mark Allen.
Huichol Foundation
The Huichol Foundation website was designed to immerse the user in the Huichol culture. The use of layered imagery and clean typography lends itself to the straighforward and transparent communication of the foundation.
SHAMAN Organic Chocolates
This site was developed to communicate the message of support, which SHAMAN gives to the Huichol people. The online store allows for easy purchasing of these delicious and cause-oriented chocolates.


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